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Uninstaller,Junk buster,Trace eliminator, Duplicate buster,Task manager, File splitter,Folder size viewer, Fastest floppy disk formatter, File shredder, StartUP manager,Autoshutdown....All in a small and powerfull,user friendly application, like you've never seen before. All you have to do is select a category,choose what you want to "bust" and then press the BUST button (X) and you're done! Using SmartBuster it's very easy to uninstall as many programs as you want in one pass ,terminate windows or programs that are not responding,clean your hard disk from junk files,eliminate all traces of using the PC,find true file duplicates better and faster than before,view the space occupied by every folder on your hard disk,split a large file in to smaller pieces (to fit on floppies,CD-s or other media),format a floppy disk in less than 2.5 seconds,delete file(s) with no possibility of recovery ,control all programs that run at start-up. Cool features: (*) Quickest way to uninstall a program straight from your desktop by dropping it's shortcut (.lnk) on SmartBuster icon or by right clicking the link and choosing SmartBust from the context menu.In the same manner you can split files or shred files/folders. (*) Instantly shutdown your PC from the tray icon by choosing Bust Windows.

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